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One-on-one hands-on Physiotherapy

I have a strong belief that contact with a patient is vital for understanding the patient better, their structure and their soft tissue status. My approach involves the use of muscle testing (Kinesiology and manual testing) and Myofascial release massage, and a hands-on approach is essential to get information from the body you cannot get any other way.


This wonderful technique has the added bonus of causing microscopic injury thus stimulating a healing process in the body which is then guided by the soft tissue work. Each time Acupuncture is used it says to the body that there is something to fix, and the body then does the work to repair the trauma, no matter how small.

Myofascial release 


This is my main technique which I have developed from researching many other forms of soft tissue release techniques which gives excellent results in the treatment of most mechanical conditions.

Applied Kinesiology

This great assessment technique allows the therapist to analyse the body with accurate feedback from the body to indicate areas of dysfunction. The technique works on the body's natural stress response, the first phase of which is the 'alarm phase'. This is when all muscle tone drops for a split second when we first encounter the stress. Touching a part of the body that is dysfunctional will result in an immediate reduction in the tone of the muscle being tested and will give an indication of where corrections are necessary. It is repetitive, accurate, safe and simple.

Exercise Physiology

Joel Wearn now offers Exercise Physiology from Nerang Physiotherapy. This will cover general exercise and condition-specific exercises. For more information click here.


Summer Gould, our Nutritionist, can assist you if you are struggling with any of the following areas: aches, pains, fatigue, unbalanced moods, anxiety, immunity issues, digestion issues, feeling powerless in life, menstrual issues, adrenal health, overwhelm, weight concerns, emotional eating, binge eating, overeating, fear of eating, body image challenges, endless dieting, low self-esteem, low self-worth, old habits you wish to change or other mind - body challenges.

Pre-and Post Op 


I am a great believer that if you receive Physiotherapy to restore the mechanical faults that led you to require surgery BEFORE you have the surgery, then your rehabilitation will be a lot shorter. In essence I prefer you to only be recovering from the surgery, and not have to deal with all the mechanical imbalances that were present causing your condition in the first place. I have had great success with this method in the past and recovery is a lot shorter...and guess what, you do not require loads of boring exercises you don't really want to do.

Food allergy testing

Are your eating habits causing your pain to get worse? Allergic reactions manifest in many different ways, from skin rashes to asthma attacks to chronic pain. There are not many ways to accurately test what foods you might be sensitive to, however, with the use of Kinesiology and the body's natural stress response we can accurately assess which foods/chemicals you may be allergic to. The test are simple, using the body's own muscle reflexes to give us the answers we seek. There is no ingestion of food necessary. Specially made up Homeopathic kits are used and the test involves holding these in the body's energy field and doing a small muscle test. Results are instantaneous! Eliminating these from your diet can lead to profound changes in your health and pain. This will result in a happier life for you and in many cases also leads to a reduction in water retention and weight. Give us a call now and get yourself tested.

Vibro-Acoustic Therapy

Our vibro-acoustic treatment helps your body to recalibrate, to rest and recover. This will create space for new energy flow. Sometimes, you might feel like you will need to release stuck emotions through crying, laughing or intentionally observing the emotion as it passes through the body. This will give you a great deal of freedom, vitality and energy!

No matter if you have just run a marathon and strained your ankle, or are just recovering from giving birth, with the use of our vibration mattress you will experience more ease in the recovery process, less pain and will be able to get back to your vital self sooner.

Case studies

  • 85 Year old lady with 45 years of pain gone in five days using Myo-flow. Husband said it was the first time in 40 years of marriage he had seen her with pink cheeks.
  • 10 year old girl with leg pain since birth, investigations could not find anything, but her pain was eliminated in a week with Myo-flow.
  • 24 year old woman suffereing severe pins and needls and pain in her left arm 6 months after having a cervical rib removed, cleared in 3 treatments of Myofascial release massage.
  • 42 year old female doctor suffering from what looked like sciatica, with pain to the foot. Straight leg raise was only 5 degrees. After treatment with Myo-flow, Acupuncture and Myofascial release massage she had full straight leg raise and could walk comfortably on her leg. She recovered fully in only 5 sessions.
  • 27 year old lady involved in a car accident, hit from behind. Suffered whiplash associated disorder with neck and lower back issues. She received treatment for 3 months and fully recovered.

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