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Do I require a doctor's referral?

No, all you need to do is call and book an appointment. If, however, you are on a Workcover claim, you WILL require a medical certificate to cover the treatment. If you are a DVA client you will require a D904 from your GP.

What do I need to bring?

Just you, your problem and a belief that you CAN get better. There may be a need to remove clothes from some areas that require hands-on treatment but this is done discreetly and with the use of towels as necessary. If you have low back pain it will be worthwhile bringing some shorts, as the hips and thighs are often treated as a means to relieving back pain.

How can I pay?

We have HICAPS facilities, so you may pay by visa or mastercard, and if you have a health fund membership, we will swipe your card, then all you have to pay is the gap that your health fund does not pay.

What can you treat?

I turn down no-one. I believe my approach can treat almost any muscle/soft tissue/joint problem , and if not completely, then I will definitely be able to make a difference which will aide in the recovery if another form of intervention is necessary. I do not use the word 'no' in my practice, just 'yes' or 'maybe'.

How long will it take to recover?

This is not easy to say initially, but after an assessment of your problem, I can give you a guesstimate as to the time of recovery. Please remember, recovery depends on many things including your general health, age, past history, lifestyle, length of time of injury, ability to allow the recovery to take place, and many more, so everyone will recover at their own rate. My goal is to remove any obstacle getting in the way of your body repairing itself, such as stiffness, weakness and poor blood flow rate. Once these foundations are laid, your body can then get on with its recovery.

Will I see results immediately?

I have found that pain is not always the first symptom or sign generally as it is not always the first symptom/sign to become part of the problem. Most pain that does not have a traumatic cause (e.g. fracture, fall, tackle or surgery) is a part of a process that the body goes through in an attempt to recover, but changes such as stiffness and weakness are precursors to most pain, often going un-diagnosed or ignored. So when treatment begins, you will most likely see/feel changes in strength and flexibility before you feel a change in the pain pattern, but these changes are important and in the order the body requires to fully recover. So you might feel pain easing after the first treatment, but if you don't, please do not be concerned, as long as strength and flexibility increase, you are getting better and pain will eventually ease once the body is more confident in these systems.

What do I need to do to recover quicker?

Let's get one thing straight, it is my opinion we cannot increase the body's healing time, we can only ensure nothing slows it down. If you have ever had a pet, and that pet has been injured, you will not see it running around, just resting and drinking water, ensuring all energy is harnessed to recover the injury. What you can do is prevent over-stressing the body, cut back or stop exercise, rest when you can, reduce as much stress as possible, and stretch where necessary. I do not advocate exercisein the early phases of treatment as it stresses the body while it is trying to recover and can often cause a regression or compensation in the body, my goal is to get the basic strength and flexibility back to a state where the body will benefit from exercise if it is required. Then the signs and symptoms can be monitored while you return to any exercise you choose.

Do you do pilates?

I have worked in private practice since 1993 and have never used many exercises as a part of my treatment process. I believe it has a place, but not in the initial phases of treatment, until there is a basic return of strength and flexibility. Most weakness is a result of soft tissue tightness, and if this is not restored, weakness of this sort will not recover through exercise, and could quite possibly increase the symptomatic map through overcompensation. If someone is a sportsperson or enjoys some form of exercise as a normal part of their lifestyle, then I will advise on the best way to perform these, but I will not expect them to do much different, just fine tune. I am not interested in giving you a load of exercises you might not be keen to do anyway, but will treat you to suit your current lifestyle.

Do you think check-ups are advisable?

Yes, if you have a long-term problem, or a recurrent condition, then regular check-ups are recommended. We take our car in for service often enough, so why not our bodies. The other important thing here is that subtle things can be seen on assessment that might not be causing any symptoms at the time, but if left alone, could lead to pain and dysfunction. If treated then, it will mean more treatments and more money necessary to get relief again. So, most definitely, have regular check-ups, it could save you a lot of money and discomfort.

Case studies

  • 85 Year old lady with 45 years of pain gone in five days using Myo-flow. Husband said it was the first time in 40 years of marriage he had seen her with pink cheeks.
  • 10 year old girl with leg pain since birth, investigations could not find anything, but her pain was eliminated in a week with Myo-flow.
  • 24 year old woman suffereing severe pins and needls and pain in her left arm 6 months after having a cervical rib removed, cleared in 3 treatments of Myofascial release massage.
  • 42 year old female doctor suffering from what looked like sciatica, with pain to the foot. Straight leg raise was only 5 degrees. After treatment with Myo-flow, Acupuncture and Myofascial release massage she had full straight leg raise and could walk comfortably on her leg. She recovered fully in only 5 sessions.
  • 27 year old lady involved in a car accident, hit from behind. Suffered whiplash associated disorder with neck and lower back issues. She received treatment for 3 months and fully recovered.

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