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De-Stress Self-help page

Learn what we all should know about COVID 19 from this document


Phizer has released data from its research that they wanted hidden for 75 years. Here is their data (pay particular attention to pages 30 to is shocking!)


Please note this is public information and not my opinion.

Hi everyone and welcome to our page on the ugly virus. I have put together a few things that can hopefully help reduce the stress we are all experiencing. You know stress itself is not the problem, it is how the body deals with stress that could lead to stress-related issues including a compromised immune system. Finding ways to manage stress and convert it into something positive is a great way to clear the mind and aid good health. Here are some exercises you can do to help. Feel free to do all of them.

Tapping solution for stress
Great figure of 8 exercise to reduce stress

The Figure – 8 Exercise

This is a lovely exercise for de-stressing the body and also releasing the negative reactions to a particular stress. It can be done in sitting, standing or lying. This is based on the Tibetan ‘Life Energy’ System, which flows in figures of eight. The diagram below shows the end position for a right-hand dominant person, the reverse being necessary for left-handed people.

How to get into the position:

Put the back of the hands together. Lift the right hand over the left one till the palms face each other. Clasp the fingers of each hand together. Bring the hands in and up rolling them so the hands point upwards as in the diagram. Hold this position while you place the left foot over the right one. You are now ready to start the exercise.


a. For General release: Assume the position as shown (end position is left arm over right and left leg over right) and breathe deeply inhaling through the nose with the tongue up against the pallet, and exhale with the tongue relaxed.

b. For specific stress: Think of the specific stress that is bothering you. Assume the position as shown, and then breathe as in 'a' above while keeping the thought in your mind. Feel the stress ease away as you breathe.

Duration: Do this for general health and distressing at least once a day. You can do it sitting at the office desk, in a traffic jam, or at home, it works the same.

For specific stresses, repeat this technique at least once a day or as many times as you feel you need to. You can never do too much!

Note: If you cannot get your hands up onto your chest, just clasp the fingers and rest them on your tummy.

Daily affirmation programme.

This is a great exercise to do to balance all your Acupuncture meridians, which in turn are linked to all your muscles and organs and promotes good health. Do this first thing in the morning. I usually do this while walking on the spot to open communication between left and right brain. It has been shown that Love is the emotion with the highest frequency, so we all need to be in a state of Love more regularly and be grateful for what we have no matter what happens. 

Say this once a day to stay in balance

Apart from these two great exercises, listen to the meditation tracks below for peace of mind. Find a quiet place and preferably use headphones. Enjoy.

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