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The difference is obvious         
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Nerang Physiotherapy, the ONLY practice on the Gold Coast restoring muscle strength, flexibility AND control of the circulation (Myo-flow) resulting in complete and long-lasting relief from pain and dysfunction.

Peter Mitchell is the Principle Physiotherapist at Nerang Physio with over 25 years' experience in private practice. He has studied beyond traditional Physiotherapy to bring you some amazing techniques, such as Acupuncture, Bowen, Kinesiology and Myofascial release massage. This is why his patients say 'the difference is obvious'.

Our treatment modalities are quite unique and we have a full-body approach to ensure we are tackling ALL of your problems. We are hands-on. Thinking outside the box allows us to give you some of the most effective and successful treatments available. 

What do we treat?

We treat ALL musculo-skeletal pain from the head to the foot, and at Nerang Physiotherapy we do a bit no matter if you suffer from headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder,arm or wrist pain, hip, knee or ankle pain, groin pain or any sporting injury, we can help you. We have also helped people with heartburn, gut dysfunction, migraines, irritable leg syndrome and many other things not normally treated by Physios. If you have a problem that is not resolving with medications or other treatments then give us a call, we are different and may be able to help.

What makes us unique?

Traditional Physiotherapy uses what is called a Musculoskeletal model which means the focus is on the separate parts of the body (e.g. bones, muscles, nerves, etc.). At Nerang Physiotherapy our work follows what we call a Myofascial model, i.e. we look at the environment in which all these parts exist, namely the Fascial matrix. This is like the 'gel' that holds all our parts together and controls how they work. If the matrix is corrected, the parts will be able to function as normal.

What will you get at Nerang Physiotherapy?

  • A very warm greeting from our friendly staff
  • An environment which will relax you and remove some of the daily stresses
  • A thorough examination of your complaint to analyse the true causes of your pain and dysfunction
  • A unique holistic approach to your complaint
  • An eclectic array of treatment techniques to ensure successful treatment in most cases hands-on
  • Advice on the how, why, when and where of your condition in language you can understand - no fancy medical talk!
  • Treatment aimed at restoring your normal function which results in pain-relief almost always including hands-on Myofascial release massage
  • Appropriate advice on self-help programmes, exercise, nutrition and general well-being
  • A treatment plan to suit your daily schedule
  • Great results!!

So, no matter what you suffer from, even if you have been told Physiotherapy cannot treat it, give us a call and you may be pleasantly surprised. With a modern, eclectic treatment approach, many more conditions can be treated at Nerang Physiotherapy than one would think.

Call now on (07) 5596 4711 to find out how your life can change for the better. 

Keeping it green! In order to live a healthy life we need to eliminate as many unhealthy chemicals as possible from our systems. Hence at Nerang Physiotherapy we take care in ensuring we do not use any chemicals that can harm the body. Our water is triple purified and osmotically treated to ensure no chemicals such as flouride are present as well as being alkalysed. All hand creams used in treatment are chemical-free removing the possibility of causing skin reactions or worse conditions such as cancer. Sterilising for acupuncture is done using ethanol alcohol which the body can eliminate through normal channels. We hope you appreciate the efforts we are taking to make your life a better one.   


Please note, all views and comments in this site are those of the author, Peter Mitchell, and not those of all Physiotherapists. Information is based on experience, research and topped with a lot of common sense and logic. Some of the statements may seem controversial, but the author believes that everyone is entitled to make an informed decision on their own health and this site aims to supply as many options as possible. Good health to you all.