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Your Team

Nerang Physio has a great team offering some really different and successful treatment techniques.

Peter Mitchell - Principal Physiotherapist

BSc Physiotherapy at University of Durban-Westville, South Africa. Experienced since 1993 in private practice in South Africa, England and Australia. Post-graduate lecturer in Myofascial release massage and muscle strength diagnostics. Peter loves the challenge of the human body, dysfunction and pain and is happy to take on any condition even if previous Physiotherapy has been unsuccessful. He can help with any form of sport injuries. Trained in Traditional Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology.

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Sharon Wright - Medical Receptionist and Accounts officer

Sharon has enjoyed working at Nerang Physiotherapy since 2009. She was 'born and bred' in Southport on the Gold Coast and lives with her husband and two children. Sharon has worked at various private medical practices over the years on the Gold Coast and thoroughly enjoys all aspects of her work.

Ilza Mitchell - Receptionist

Also giving you a warm welcome is Peter's lovely wife, Ilza. She will be working on Mondays. 

Rebecca Thompson - EFT Practitioner

Rebecca is a certified clinical EFT Practitioner who takes care to work together with her clients to make progress on emotional issues by holding a safe space, listening when required, and asking specific questions. 
Together we will take the time find your core beliefs that will unlock hidden patterns, that can release energy blocks for you to gain a sense of letting go, deep relaxation and creating space for the new. 
All clients will take home resources to be able to work between sessions to keep supported on their EFT journey. 
Main areas of interest are mother's that are overwhelmed, stuck, and finding themselves repeating patterns from their parents, which they wish to avoid or clear. 
These emotions can show up in feeling unloved, unappreciated and unheard or even feeling a sense of loss of self. 
Working with children along side their parents is also highly rewarding, creating beautiful bonds for both mother and child. 

Summer Gould - Mind-Body Nutritionist

Summer is a certified Nutritionist and Master Neurolinguistic practitioner and currently studying a bachelor’s degree in Psychological Sciences at Swinburne University.

Mind-body nutrition is a multi-disciplinary approach that combines; nutritional medicine, neurolinguistics, the science of the mind, mindfulness coaching and body-centred practices. This transformational and empowering approach aims to not only relieve current symptoms but also empower the client’s ability to attain and sustain long term optimal health.

Summers goal as a mind-body nutritionist is to empower you, the client, to be the best version of your whole self – clarity of mind, wellness of body and self-sustainable energy. By providing practical coaching, nutritional advice and mindfulness tools that you can easily implement into your daily routine, Summer will assist you in establishing enjoyable habits that will heal and nourish the ‘whole’ self while slowly distinguishing any old patterns that have been depleting your health and quality of life.

Summer can assist you if you are struggling with any of the following areas: aches, pains, fatigue, unbalanced moods, anxiety, immunity issues, digestion issues, feeling powerless in life, menstrual issues, adrenal health, overwhelm, weight concerns, emotional eating, binge eating, overeating, fear of eating, body image challenges, endless dieting, low self-esteem, low self-worth, old habits you wish to change or other mind - body challenges.