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Welcome Wednesdays

There comes a time when you are in pain and you don'y know who you should see, a Physio, Chiro or Doctor. Well we at Nerang Physiotherapy we would like to put your mind at ease and let you see what we can do for you and your pain with our NO OBLIGATION offer.

This offer allows you a 30 minute FREE consultation with the Physiotherapist to ascertain whether or not he can help. He will discuss your condition with you, do some manual tests to see where things may be going wrong and even do a test treatment to see if anything changes. You will be informed on the how, where and why's of your pain in great detail in a language you can understand (no medical jargon).

If the Physiotherapist is able to help you then have the choice to say thanks but no thanks and be on your way, or better still you can say yes please I would like to start treatment. This can usually happen immediately or at a time of your choosing.

Although it is a Welcome 'Wednesday' offer we are flexible if Wednesday does not suit and if we can get you in on another day. 

So if you are not sure who can help with your pain give us a call on 5596 4711 and ask for a Welcome Wednesday appointment, you will be glad you did.