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Rebound 2 Health

Nerang Physiotherapy is now offering exercise classes with the fantastic Rebounding, a low-impact high-return exercise suitable for ALL ages.

Shown by NASA to be 68% more physiologically beneficial than running on a treadmill and it has the added advantage of doing very little damage to your joints.

Do less - get more!

Science has shown that this form of exercise uses less oxygen to get the same results as running on a treadmill. It fits right into the principles of the human body where the body reacts better to small amounts of input compared to large amounts. The less is more principle works here.

So if you are time-poor, don't want to join a gym, don't want to lose buckets of sweat, then this beautiful exercise is just for you. See what it can do for you here.

2 Minutes on the Rebounder is equivalent to 6 minutes running, 10 minutes swimming and 22 minutes walking! What a pleasure! 20 minutes is like doing an hour's worth of health and fitness workout in the gym, but without the effort and sweat.

Exercise programmes are designed to suit the individual and in the case of rehabilitation can target specific areas of the body. However, the real benefit of Rebounding is that the entire body is affected down to each individual cell! There is an even distribution of load throughout the body, unlike other exercises where stress is often isolated to certain areas of the body, thus leading to overuse and injury.

This exercise form is ideal for the elderly or those with balance problems as it utilises low-impact bouncing and has a stability bar for support. Just 10 minutes of gentle bouncing can have profound effects on bone density, muscle tone and balance and minimal joint strain.

So what does Rebounding do?  Two of the main causes of disease and dysfunction in the body are poor oxygenation of the cells and poor removal of toxins from the cells. Rebounding, through the motion of acceleration and deceleration results in the cells and lymph systems are being stimulated and moved in such a way as to increase oxygenation of the cells and flow of lymph to optimise health.

"Rebounding offers a strong anti-cancer protection effect. It helps ladies who are on post cancer drug treatment to reduce the arthritic symptoms that they experience and significantly decreases the chances of cancer coming 
back." Dr Carol Ann Benn - Founder of the Breast Health Foundation

This together with the many more positive effects of Rebounding can help manage many illnesses, such as diabetes, cancer, depression, stress, cardio-vascular conditions, and many more. It can also help children with ADHD and learning problems as it incorporates movements which stimulate bilateral use of the brain.

Albert E Carter, Olympic athlete, journalist and lifelong rebound researcher has claimed that Rebounding to be "THE MOST EFFECTIVE EXERCISE YET DEVISED BY MAN"

If you wish to try Rebound 2 Health and improve your health and well-being and have fun while doing it, give us a call on

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